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Rotary Frequency Converters
Our Motor Generator sets include belt-coupled, direct-coupled, and common shaft


(also called "Motor-Generator Sets" or MG Sets") Rotary units convert incoming AC Power into rotary mechanical power (spinning motor), which transmits its rotary power to a generator, which converts its mechanical power into AC Power.

Solid State Frequency Converters
We carry fixed and adjustable solid state (electronic) frequency converters.


(also called "static", "electronic" or "AC Power Source") Solid State units convert incoming AC Power into DC power (rectifier stage), and then convert the DC into the required AC Voltage and Frequency (inverter stage).

Georator Corporation

For over 60 years Georator has designed and manufactured a complete line of power frequency converter products, both Rotary type (Motor-Generator sets) and Solid State (Electronic) units. Our products are used in testing electrical products to be exported to 50 Hz countries (Europe, Asia), operating 50 Hz foreign equipment in the United States and other 60 Hz countries, and testing aircraft and shipboard 400 Hz equipment. Also offered are Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) for backup power with optional frequency and voltage conversion. We offer a variety of 400 hZ frequency converter options. Contact us today to leran more about our frequency to voltage converters.

We have frequency converters and power sources for most any job. If you are new to specifying frequency conversion and power supplies, send a quick quote as a guide for Georator to recommend the right frequency to voltage converter for your application.

Welcome to Georator. If you have specific needs, feel free to use our website search feature.
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