Solid State & Static Frequency Converters

Georator is an international leader in the manufacturing and distribution of solid-state and static frequency converters. We distribute internationally and pride ourselves on our quality and service. Reach out to one of our experienced sales reps today to request a quote or more information.

Static, Electronic or AC Power Converters

Solid State frequency converters are power converters, converting incoming AC power into DC power (rectifier stage) and then converting the DC power into the required AC frequency and voltage. Static frequency converters are ideal where noise, size, precision, or adjustability are paramount. Static frequency converters are inherently quiet, which makes them ideal for office and laboratory environments. Typical noise levels are less than or equal to 65 decibels (dB). The common phase conversions are single-phase to three-phase and three-phase to single phase.

Typical Characteristics of Georator Solid-State & Static Frequency Converters

  • Single and three phase units available, with optional phase conversion (e.g. 3 phase to single phase, single phase to 3 phase ). 
  • Suitable for use with Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and Non-linear loads.
  • Galvanic Isolation input to output. No Harmonic Distortion (EMI, EMC).
  • Pure and Stable Sine wave Output.
  • Sustained 150% overload capability for a maximum of 1 minute.
  • IGBT or MOSFET based, generating High Efficiency, Low Noise and Max. Reliability.
  • Utilize PWM technology enhancing Compact Size, Light Weight.
  • Equipped with Protection Circuits and Alarms.

What are some of the limitations of solid-state frequency converters?

Solid-state frequency converters are not very good at starting motor loads because of the typical motor starting surge current required to start motors.  Motor loads require a significant (6 to 10 times full load amps) kick simply to start to run.  This motor starting surge, also called “locked rotor” current, is momentary, only lasts a few milliseconds at peak, and decays to normal running current in roughly a second.  Unfortunately, a static frequency converter doesn’t “know” that this large surge will only last milliseconds, so it shuts down to self-protect.  To run motor loads, the converter’s overload ability must be matched to the motor starting requirement, causing a significant oversizing of the converter.

Static frequency converters are also sensitive to temperature and humid environments.  In essence, they require air conditioning and are not tolerant of severe environments, such as salt fog.  They have a typical lifetime of 10 years of continuous service.



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