Frequency Converters for Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

Industrial & Commercial Frequency Converters

The need for industrial and commercial frequency converters can take one or more of several paths.  USA manufacturers, making products for export to 50 Hz parts of the world, want to test those products before shipment.  Therefore, they need a source of 50 Hz power to perform that operation.  Those same manufacturers may want to use a piece of fabrication equipment designed and made in a 50 Hz country.  To use it here will require a source of 50 Hz power, and therefore, a 60-to-50 Hz converter is needed.  In yet another case, an American manufacturer desires to move an entire factory from the USA to a 50 Hz country, e.g. Germany, for which a (large) converter will be required to power this 60 Hz factory in a 50 Hz world.

And not only are the end users sourcing these converters themselves, but often, they use distributors and outside contractors to do the “leg work” to find the best, most affordable solutions.  Georator application engineers work with these agents to provide the best solutions for the end client’s needs.  Eight of the top 10 electrical distributors in the United States are clients of Georator.

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