Frequency Converter with Battery Charger Backup

Triathlon III Frequency Converters with Battery Backup (UPS)

Triathlon Frequency Converters with Battery Backup (UPS), have many advantages and add-on components that set this UPS system apart from others. Because of all the advantages listed below, this industrial UPS System from Georator will become your first choice.

  • Designed for frequency & voltage conversion
  • Single and three phase units available, with optional phase conversion (e.g. 3 ph -> 1 ph)
  • Pure Sinewave output. Zero transfer time.
  • Built in RS232, RS485, AS400 Communication port, suitable for remote monitoring
  • Remote Control (Option)
  • Intelligent Power Management & SNMP Adapter.
  • 400Hz Input and/or Output Frequency (Option)


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