Common Shaft Motor Generator Sets

Synchronous Motor Frequency Converter

The most sophisticated and precise rotary frequency converter is a synchronous motor frequency converter - synchronous generator converter, both units made on a single common shaft. In this case, the frequency change is made by winding the motor with a different number of electrical poles than the generator. For example, a 12 pole motor and 10 pole generator will yield a 60 Hz to 50 Hz conversion. Using a synchronous drive motor allows the rotational frequency to be "exact", that is, as precise as the electric utility grid. Manufacturing the converter on a common shaft also increases the reliability of the unit.

synchronous motor for frequency converter


  • Precision; exact frequency output
  • Gen set power ratings: 1-1000++ KVA
  • Complete electrical isolation from harmonics, spikes
  • Low maintenance
  • Synchronous motor
  • Synchronous generator w/voltage regulator
  • Waveform: THD < 5%

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