Belt Coupled Motor Generator Sets & Frequency Converters

60-50-400 Hz Conversion to 500 KVA

The simplest and least expensive method of coupling the drive motor to the generator is by use of drive belts and pulleys. This method not only transfers the energy from motor to generator, but also is used to change the frequency by pulley ratios. Inherently available in this process is phase and/or voltage conversion.


  • Economical generator sets; connected by belts/pulleys
  • When properly designed, drive belts DO NOT fail
  • Rotary frequency converter power ratings 1-500 KVA
  • Complete electrical isolation from harmonics, spikes.
  • High-efficiency induction motor
  • Synchronous generator w/voltage regulator.
  • Tight frequency regulation (+/-1%)
  • Waveform: THD < 5%


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