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50hz to 60hz frequency converter

Georator is an international leader in the manufacturing and distribution of 50-60 HZ frequency converters. We distribute internationally and pride ourselves on our quality and service. Reach out to one of our experienced sales reps today to request a quote or more information about 50 60 hz converters.

A frequency converter is a device that takes incoming power, normally 50 or 60 Hz and converts it to 400 Hz output power. When choosing between 50 to 60 Hz or 400 Hz frequency converter, it is important to understand the solution you have in mind.

Overseas companies that need to test products for export to the USA need a frequency converter to produce simulated USA Power. Another area involves US companies moving an entire operation or factory to a 50 Hz frequency country, e.g. England.  

Rather than rebuild the factory using 50 Hz frequency equipment, many companies find it preferable to simply power the entire factory with one or move large frequency converters.  Most of these installations use rotary frequency converters.

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